Meridian Upcycled Furniture

Meridian Upcycled Furniture

By Meridian Architectural Systems Pvt. Ltd. as Manufacturers

MERIDIAN ARCHITECTURAL SYSTEMS recently introduced a new line of Indoor/Outdoor Chairs in bright, attractive colours and funky designs.

The Chairs are made from used oil barrels which are generally used to transport Oils / Lubricants. In most cases, these barrels are sent off by the buyers for recycling after one use. MERIDIAN decided to acquire and repurpose these barrels and extend their life-cycle by many years, before they are finally sent to the furnace for melting.

Parts of the Oil Barrel are cut away to create monolithic seats with addition of steel framing supports and legs to raise the seating…

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Product Details
Name Meridian Upcycled Furniture
Designer Meridian Architectural Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Type Chairs, Coffee Tables, Sofas
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