Logistic Republic Office - Jenga Play

Logistic Republic Office - Jenga Play

By J.C.Architecture as Architects

Acting as the main office and reception of the vast logistic center in New Taipei City, the ALP owners wanted to establish a reference design for the workplace in the warehouse setting. We utilized the properties of key elements of the logistic center to develop the space. Racking systems, pallets and shipping containers all have the ability to form multi-level spaces within a space, carrying new products and possibilities. 

We wanted to create that feeling and showcase the flexibility and potential of the site. With large windows and high ceilings, we were able to add floor area with stacked shipping…

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Project details
Location Taipei, T'ai-pei, Taiwan
Program Type Office
Year Build completed in the year 2015
Involve Companies
Architects J.C.Architecture

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