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tHE gRID Architects is a multi-disciplinary design firm which incorporates an array of design combinations and experiences, qualification and skills and deeply committed to excellence. The firm aims at providing complete and high-level design services for the full range of projects. We have created a team of passionate professionals under this firm and we currently employ from various respected design schools across the country. We comprise of civil engineers and architects and Interior designers who are dedicated to the satisfaction of the client and design philosophy.

For us, designing is a spiritual journey. One in which energies of the universe and the spirits of the elements are as much a part of what we work with as wood, stone, metal and greenery. With a cumulative experience of 15 years in architecture and interior architecture, our founders, Snehal Suthar and Bhadri Suthar, have set a mandate for contextual design, something that is timeless and not stylish. Therefore, our designs are founded in simplicity and clarity, and create structures that are closely connected to the earth. While we strive towards compelling and dynamic spaces, we do so by combining clarity with quiet and thoughtful innovation; we endeavour to achieve the delicate balance of order and invention followed by integrity in work.

While our work may straddle a variety of scales and typologies — corporate houses, residential communities, commercial complexes, educational institutes, hospitality spaces and private villas — it is unified by the common thread of sustainability. This respect for the environment informs and influences how we work, and what we work with. Our architecture and interiors are mindful of international standards of designs, including those for the physically-challenged.

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