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The company EDI.CER. was set up on 24/01/1979 for the purpose of organising and implementing publishing services and initiatives of an informative, cultural, artistic, scientific, social and economic nature covering all sectors but with a specific focus on the ceramic industry and industrial and commercial ceramic businesses. It also has the function of organising promotional activities for ceramic companies and for the ceramic and allied sectors, including the organisation and management – either directly or through third parties – of exhibitions and events in Italy and abroad and the relevant advertising campaigns in Italy and abroad, as well as visits, seminars, market surveys and similar activities.
The company’s corporate purpose also includes buying, selling and managing real estate.

EDI.CER. is controlled by the national trade association Confindustria Ceramica, which brings together and represents Italian manufacturers of ceramic tiles, refractory materials, sanitaryware, household and ornamental porcelain and ceramics, industrial porcelain and ceramics, and ceramic stoneware.

EDI.CER. in turn controls the American company The World Exposition of Ceramic Tile & Bathroom Furnishings, Inc. which participates in the joint venture company responsible for organising the annual exhibition Coverings, the most important exhibition of ceramic tile and natural stone in the American continent.

Although it initially focused almost exclusively on publishing, since 1983 EDI.CER. has also organised the exhibition CERSAIE – International Exhibition of Ceramic Tiles and Bathroom Furnishings, held annually in the Bologna exhibition centre.

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