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At Enea we find inspiration in today’s life when we design and manufacture our furniture. Our beautiful, strong, and sustainable pieces travel from our factory in the Basque Country to all corners of the globe to accompany you when you are eating, resting, or sharing, in amongst many other everyday activities. High-end, contemporary furniture for all types of public and private spaces: hotel industry, offices, auditoriums, educational establishments, hospitals, etc.

Naturally sustainable
We are committed to taking care of good things in general and of nature in particular. That is why we search for new sustainable and responsible alternatives to look after the planet. And we genuinely care about respecting the environment and reducing our footprint.

Your ideas are our challenges
We do not settle for a standard product and always strive to offer customised solutions to help create unique spaces. When our clients’ ideas come to life, then we know that we have done our job well.

Cooperative DNA
We are a cooperative, which means that our staff are the company owners. Cooperating is in our DNA. We collaborate with designers, consultants, distributors, architects, etc. to progress from a place of true commitment with a set of shared values.

Demonstrated quality
We put our trust in modern technologies to help us evolve. We believe in the importance of the small details and in executing every phase of the process with the highest quality. We say this with conviction because we honestly believe that we do it very well. Since 1984.

Authentically us
We think that looking at things in a different way, with individuality and originality, are essential values in the world of design. If you can see this when you look at our chairs and you can clearly perceive that they are unique and authentic, then we have achieved our goal.

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