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In 2010 Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse founded design studio Masquespacio with the aim to do something different… something that would make us proud and transmit our aim to seek innovation for every project. We have had the luck to work in several countries around the world, discover new cultures and make new friends. Thanks to our innovative approach in search of unique and out of the box experiences for each design, we have been awarded with a lot of relevant international awards. In 2020 we were named ‘Young Talent of The Year’ by Elle Decoration International Magazine, while in 2019 we were awarded ‘Interior Designers of The Year’ by the Spanish edition of The New York Times’ T Magazine. Previously we also have been awarded with the ‘Massimo Dutti New Values’ award by Architectural Digest Spain and the ‘Wave of the Future’ award by Hospitality Design USA, next to a continued international recognition by media specialized in design, fashion and lifestyle trends.

We are passionate persons who like to face new challenges and approach each new project with enthusiasm and eager to give the best of ourselves. We look for authenticity in each project working closely with our clients with the aim to create a unique experience for the user of their product or establishment.

If you feel identified with what we do and would like to know more about our way of working contact us here.

What we do
We create unique experiences always starting from a clear strategy to reach and seduce end users of different products and markets. We like to design products, we like to design spaces and we like to invent new strategies giving a new fresh sense to your company’s image and convert them into lovemarks.

To know more about our creative processes feel free to get in touch here for some additional information.

Countries we have designed for
Germany, France, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Uk, Usa, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Cambodia, Australia, Saudi Arabia & Austria.

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