Global Future Design Awards 2020 Winners

 06-11-2019 to 30-08-2020

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​ Winners! Global Future Design Awards 2020

APR Hosted Awards 2020 Highlights of the competition this year outstanding designs. We are delighted to congratulate ‘APR Global Future Design Awards 2020. Hosted by APR with the idea of acknowledging the works of professionals and students across the globe in the architecture and design field.

Another great opportunity. APR’s next award Global Future Design Awards 2021. Is open for Registration. Don’t miss the chance, it’s a huge platform for architects. Enter now:

APR GFD Awards 2020 Winners: Foster + Partners, Klai…

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Event Details
Date 06-11-2019 to 30-08-2020
Venue Globally
Event Type Award, Competition
Location   Globally, Globally, Globally
Tags Global Future Design Awards 2020


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