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Fixscreen Minimal By RENSON as Manufacturers

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The Renson Fixscreen Minimal: Minimalist design with a maximum of possibilities
The Renson Fixscreen Minimal is a motorized screen with side guides, developed to go hand in hand with minimalistic windows.‎‎ Of course, you would prefer to enjoy the maximum possible amount of natural light in your house during the day.‎‎ This can be perfectly achieved today with large windows and minimalistic windows.‎‎ But what if indoor temperatures become unbearably high on hot days screens offer the most efficient solution, by preventing sunlight from even reaching your window glass.‎‎

The Fixscreen Minimal was designed so…

Product Details
Name Fixscreen Minimal
Designer Renson
Type Shower screens, Bath screens, Office screens
Manufactured In 2021
Tags Sun protection, Outdoor blinds, Fabric Outdoor blinds, Screens, Fixscreen, Windproof sun protection fabric

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