Kushi Suspension

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Kushi Suspension By Kdln Srl (Kundalini) as Manufacturers

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Kushi, “skewer” in Japanese. An abstract shapefreelyinspired byJapanese cuisine. A gentlyrounded glass shapepierced by a thin metalrod. Its soft, warm light floatsgently in the space.In the suspendedversion,itis an elegantinvitation for dining in contractspaces and at home.

Manufacturing year: Kushi 16 Suspension / Kushi 33 Suspension (2015) – Kushi XL Suspension (2019)

Italian Language
Kushi, “spiedino” in giapponese. Forma astratta liberamente ispirata alla cucina orientale. Geometria in vetro dolcemente arrotondata trafitta da una sottile bacchetta in metallo. La sua luce calda e soffusa galleggia leggera nello spazio. Nella versione a sospensione, un invito elegante al…

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