Olvidada standing lamp

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Olvidada standing lamp By BD Barcelona Design as Manufacturers

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From the past century Pepe Cortés (Barcelona, 1946) has been part of the family of designers at BD, from back in the 80’s when he created the “Muebles MuyFormales” Collection along with Javier Mariscal. The Olvidada Lamp owes its name to when Pepe designed this piece in 1976, but had ‘forgotten’ (the translation of olvidada in English) it in a drawer until BD started producing it in 1984. Since then it has remained as part of BD’s catalogue and with time, has converted into a Spanish classic design piece - recognised for its iconic combination of bulbs which have recently…

Product Details
Name Olvidada standing lamp
Designer Pepe Cortes
Type Ceiling lamps, Floor lamps, Table lamps
Manufactured In 2016
Tags Lighting, Hanging lamp, Lamps, Ceiling Lamp, Suspension lamp, Standing Lamp

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