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Base4Work Bratislava By Studio Perspektiv as Architects

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There are only a few buildings with industrial history left in Bratislava that have managed to adapt to the current needs. One of them is functionalist building of Jurkovič's Heating Plant, which has been opened to the public after a three-year renovation as a modern coworking centre - Base4Work from Studio Perspektiv as interior designers. The architectural solution in the form of new interior spaces and new structures is the work of DF Creative Group. The PAMARCH, specializing in the protection and reconstruction of monuments, oversaw the building envelope renovation.


Architect: Andrea Castrignano

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Project details
Location Bratislavský krajSlovakia
Program Type Office
Year Build completed in the year 2020
Tags office, Offices Interiors, Commercial, Commercial Architecture
Involve Companies
Interior designers Studio Perspektiv
Interior designers DF Creative Group
Photographers BoysPlayNice
Contractors ENG2
Product Spec Sheet
Element Brand Product
Chair Pedrali ikon, Babila Comfort 2759, Babila 2702
Lighting Flos Light Bell
Ceramic floor tiles Marazzi Mystone Ceppo di Gre
Lighting Louis Poulsen Flindt Wall
Furniture Vitra Grand Sofa, AD HOC, Eames House Bird, Rookie, Soft Modular Sofa
Lighting Marset Tam Tam, Ginger
Stool Kristalia Colander
Profile Cast Glass - Imagin Flutes AGC Glass Europe Imagin
Chair INCLASS Design Varya
Carpet Interface Icebreaker Concrete, Employ Loop
Acoustic ceiling Hunter Douglas Architectural USA Hunter Douglas Grey
Lighting Tom Dixon Bell Table Lamp
Natural linoleum Tarkett Ltd Etrusco
Fabrics Camira Rivet
Ceramic wall tiles - Materia TR Petrolio RAL 230 30 20 Ceramica Vogue Materia TR Petrolio
Accoustic PET panel & tiles ReFelt
Table LaPalma YO, BRIO
Table ferm LIVING Podia Table
Table Normann Copenhagen Stock Table Steel Blue
Sofa Sancal Click

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