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Exposition Dual Reality By DJA - Didzis Jaunzems Architecture as Architects

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Exposition of Jelgava St. Trinity Church Tower is designed as a contemporary interior installation, which clearly separates the historical heritage from the contemporary implementation. The historic masonry walls of the tower have been left intact, exposing the interior of the historic building. The exposition is interactive and integrates the latest technologies, which allows the history of Jelgava to be revealed gradually. When entering the exposition premises, visitors can see the exhibits and their descriptions, while the invisible part of the exposition is hidden in various mechanically movable elements and multimedia. Such a principle of exploring the exposition allows not…

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Project details
Location Latvia
Program Type Exhibition, Installation
Year Build completed in the year 2022
Tags Installation, Exhibition, Contemporary interior installation
Involve Companies
Concept and design DJA - Didzis Jaunzems Architecture
Technologies and management SOLAVI
Production and technical design YES WE CAN

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