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Luuwit Park By Skylab Architecture as Architects

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Skylab Architecture worked alongside Studio and in close collaboration with Portland Parks and Recreation to create this 16-acre, hourglass-shaped park in a northeast Portland neighborhood. The design team developed the park, formerly Beech Park, around an integrated strategy that creates both passive native meadow areas that require limited maintenance as well as areas for intensively active program elements. The neighborhood is a mix of longterm residents and an increasingly diverse population of new residents. The park’s program elements were developed in coordination with area residents through a series of public open houses and meetings with the project’s Design Advisory…

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Project details
Location PortlandOregonUnited States
Program Type Park
Year Build completed in the year 2017
Involve Companies
Landscape Architects Studio
Engineers 3J Consulting
Engineers Peterson Structural
Engineers R&W Engineering
Engineers Northwest Geotech
Artists Art People
Graphic designers Ambrosini Design
Consultants Grindline Skateparks
Consultants Treecology, Inc.
Consultants DEW, Inc.

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