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Luxottica Digital Factory By Park Associati as Architects

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From energy to technology through architectural quality and experimentation
Milan is enhanced by a new intervention of industrial architectural restoration aimed at accommodating the Digital Factory of Luxottica, a world leader in the eyewear market. Thanks to Park Associati's retrofitting intervention, the complex becomes an open and flexible container where history, change and creativity find the ideal convergence ground. Paying the greatest attention to quality, using technologically innovative materials and seeking cutting-edge architectural solutions are the Digital Factory project’s focal points that take inspiration from Luxottica's identity principles, while paying attention to the peculiar elements of the…

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Project details
Location MilanoLombardiaItaly
Program Type Factory
Year Build completed in the year 2022
Tags Factory, Glazed structure, Digital Factory
Involve Companies
Architects Park Associati
Clients Luxottica Group S.p.A.
Mechanical and Electrical Plants, Fire prevention, LEED Certification, Lighting Project ESA Engineering
Structures MSC Associati
Interior designers StorageMilano
Landscape Architects Marco Bay architetto
Photographers Nicola Colella
Photographers Mario Frusca
Photographers Andrea Martiradonna Photography
Photographers Lorenzo Zandri
Product Spec Sheet
Element Brand Product
Facades Deerns B.V.

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