MIYABI Japanese Restaurant

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MIYABI Japanese Restaurant By Davide Beretta Studio as Architects

16680070201244.jpg Photographer: Daniel  Pavesi

166800702432519.jpg Photographer: Daniel  Pavesi

166800702870946.jpg Photographer: Daniel  Pavesi

166800712096582.jpg Photographer: Daniel  Pavesi

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Light, cypress wood, Uglass and perforated sheet are the elements which characterize the project of Miyabi Japanese restaurant in Milan by Arch. Davide Beretta.

Miyabi occupies the groundfloor premises of a prestigious historic building in the heart of Milan, only few steps from Duomo and San Babila’s Basilica. In keeping with the owners’ oriental philosophy, Miyabi is a bright and minimal space. The simple and clean lines define the space while the wide use of natural materials, such as cypress wood, help to create a more intimate atmosphere.


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MIYABI Japanese Restaurant By Daniele Pavesi fotografo as Interior photographer

The Photographer's View:

As an interior photographer it is always interesting and engaging to tackle projects like that of the MIYABI Japanese Restaurant. Respecting the soul of this place was a challenge, from the delicate atmosphere of the lamps on the counter to the intense one of the pendants on the staircase to those dedicated to the lighting of the tables. Another challenge was to enhance the essence of the light wood of the tables and chairs with the green paneling. In the end, lights, colors and shapes found their harmony, giving life to delicate but characterful images.

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Project details
Location MilanoLombardiaItaly
Program Type Restaurant, Bar, Cafe
Year Build completed in the year 2018
Tags Hospitality Architecture, bar, Restaurant, Cafe, Hospitality, Restaurant design
Involve Companies
Architects Davide Beretta Studio
Photographers Daniele Pavesi fotografo
Product Spec Sheet
Element Brand Product
Furniture Pedrali Inox 4402, Nemea chair, Brera stool
Wood sound-absorbing panels CELENIT GROOVE by Celenit, CELENIT AB/A2
Suspension lamp Linea Light Group Smash suspension lamp
Pendant lamp Kdln Srl (Kundalini) LANNA

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