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Prince Galada By Creative Architects & Interiors as Architects

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Prince Galada in Chennai redefines high-end, contemporary urban living with an experience of a luxurious villa coupled with the security and amenities of a high-rise apartment. 

Located in the heart of the city and surrounded by a residential neighbourhood in Vepery, the edifice marks its presence in the vicinity with its bold and contemporary style. By achieving an FSI of 3.5 on a compact site, Prince Galada displays efficient planning skills employed in its making. 

With the brief focusing on the target users to be luxury apartment buyers, the units are planned to be spacious, with a…

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Project details
Location ChennaiTamil NaduIndia
Program Type Apartment
Year Build completed in the year 2022
Tags apartments blocks, Apartment, Loft apartments, Luxury Apartment, Apartments, Luxury Urban Living
Involve Companies
Architects Creative Architects & Interiors
Clients Prince Foundations Ltd.
Photographers Illuminate Studio
Consultants Somadev Nagesh
Product Spec Sheet
Element Brand Product
Glass Vender FUSO
Sanitary ware / Fittings American Standard
Flooring Pearl Granite
Air Conditioning TOSHIBA
Arts / Artifacts Dulux
Elevator TKE

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