Rowhouse at Jodhpur

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Rowhouse at Jodhpur By Milind Pai Architects & Interior Designers as Architects

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This high end project for a client located in outskirts of Jodhpur is a balance of refined clean-lines and classy interiors. Added to this is the sophisticated richness of colour, texture and innovative forms in design.

The Living room has a mirror artwork which is the striking element of the whole room and adds to the spaciousness.

The dining room, wherein the lighting plays the pivotal role has brown tinted mirror in the backdrop with leather finish paneling adding to the richness.

The back painted glass for bed back in the bedroom, with sliver artwork adds to the sparkle provided…

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Project details
Location JodhpurRajasthanIndia
Program Type Private House
Year Build completed in the year
Involve Companies
Architects Milind Pai Architects & Interior Designers

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