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SC Co. Lab By Paperspace as Architects

161098051578623.jpg Photographer: Owen Raggett

161098052785632.jpg Photographer: Owen Raggett

161098053271756.jpg Photographer: Owen Raggett

161098053726099.jpg Photographer: Owen Raggett

16109805475538.jpg Photographer: Owen Raggett

SC Asset is a company that is making great inroads into the living solutions industry. Their vision is to provide products and services that do not only have to do with their clients’ homes, but solutions that improve lifestyles. The SC headquarters is located in Bangkok, Thailand and they wanted to have a co-working space that is progressive and effective.

Architect Name: Paperspace
Project Address: Bangkok, Thailand
Completion Year: November 2018
Total built area: 19,000 sft
Photo credits: Owen Raggett
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Project details
Location BangkokBangkokThailand
Program Type Office, Workshop
Year Build completed in the year 2018
Tags office, Workplace Design
Involve Companies
Architects Paperspace

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