Something borrowed, something blue @ICA MIAMI in Miami Design District

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Something borrowed, something blue @ICA MIAMI in Miami Design District By Collective Paper Aesthetics as Architects

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Designer Noa Haim/ Collective Paper Aesthetics creates 600 blue polypropylene rings and 4200 connectors For the grand opening celebration of ICA MIAMI. The Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami's newest museum dedicated to innovative and experimental contemporary art. On Sunday December 3rd the museum new home kicked off with special & fun family day in collaboration with Miami Design District in the Jungle Plaza.

Architect: Noa Haim/ Collective Paper Aesthetics
Location: Miami Design District, Florida, USA
Client: Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami (ICA Miami)
Education curator: Lisa Fernandez
Project manager on-site: Alyssa Panganiban

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Location MiamiFloridaUnited States
Program Type Exhibition, Installation
Year Build completed in the year 2017
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