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Sports and Culture Campus Gellerup By Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects as Architects

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Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects Wins Competition to Design Sports and Culture Campus in Aarhus, Denmark
The multi-use community project is a key component of the revitalisation of the Gellerup district, and will become an inspiring, welcoming and open destination for city residents and visitors.

A jury commissioned by Aarhus Kommune and Brabrand Boligforening selected Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects along with a collaborative team that includes MASU Planning ApS, Loop Architects and COWI A/S to design a new Sports and Culture Campus in Gellerup. Located in a community in western Aarhus that is seeing an influx of redevelopment and revitalisation,…

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Project details
Location AarhusMidtjyllandDenmark
Program Type Culture Centre, Sports Center
Year Build completed in the year 2021
Involve Companies
Architects LOOP Architects
Engineers COWI
Landscape Architects MASU Planning

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