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Vault House By Chaukor Studio as Architects

_entrance-vaults-1502550328.jpg Photographer:

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4.-living-space-1502550341.jpg Photographer:

uvault-roof-1502550342.jpg Photographer:

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3.-bedroom--vaulted-roof-1502550342.jpg Photographer:

2-central-courtyard-1502550342.jpg Photographer:

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v12.-exterior-view_1680x995-1502550349.jpg Photographer:

v11.-entrance-vaults--2_1400x1050-1502550349.jpg Photographer:

wsection-1502550355.jpg Photographer:

zaxanometric-view_525x768-1502550356.jpg Photographer:

_1exterior-render-view_1024x724-1502550324-1517470973.jpg Photographer:

VAULT HOUSE - A plethora of diverse experiences amalgamated into a single urban abode.

The vault house isplanned as a holistic sustainable environment that aims to achieve social connectedness and be ecologically sensitive. 

Context responsive:
As in the case of most urban cities, the ‘Vault House’ is a typical urban single-family residence that evolves with the inevitable agglomerations of a plotted development in the growing city of Noida. The need for land demands the plot to be peripherally surrounded by other residences, leading to a single open side connecting to a secondary lane, with no care to ensure increased…

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Project details
Location NoidaUttar PradeshIndia
Program Type Private House
Year Proposed in the year 2013
Involve Companies
Architects Chaukor Studio

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