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Zucchini Elements By Priyanka Arjun and Associates as Architects

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Zucchini is a fine dining restaurant in Ahmedabad, evolving from the maiden restaurant in Udaipur. The USP of the chain is its authentic food, which reflects the blend of cooking skills of international chefs, organic ingredients, Parisian cheeses etc. Since the food served is Indian as well as Italian, the restaurant is a mélange, showing both. The design keywords are 'Classy, Calm, Chic and Contemporary'.

Design ideas and inspirations for the project:
1.    Coffer Ceiling Design- Spatially, the space was a 90 feet deep rectangle with a very low beam height of 9 feet. A patterned coffer ceiling with…

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Project details
Location AhmedabadGujaratIndia
Program Type Restaurant
Year Build completed in the year
Involve Companies
Architects Priyanka Arjun and Associates

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